Blind Citizens WA (BCWA) BEACON Project

Blindness Empowerment Access Communities Outreach Network (BEACON) shining a light on loneliness and isolation for people who are blind or vision impaired in WA.

Through the BEACON project which commenced in 2021 Blind Citizens WA (BCWA) aims to build peer led support networks for people who are blind and vision impaired across WA, including Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people.
People who are Blind and vision impaired living in rural and regional WA have less access to the supports, services, transport and information available to those living in Perth.

Through BEACON, we aim to give them the opportunity to access information and services about important issues that can impact on their lives; such as technology and community or government assistance.

To overcome the tyranny of distance associated with lack of public transport and taxi services; BCWA will utilise and array of telecommunications and/or teleconferencing technology to develop and maintain the support networks and reduce the feeling of isolation.

To establish the networks, Blind Citizens WA (BCWA) will reach out to disability specific and mainstream organisations that people who are blind or vision impaired may use contact will be made via phone, post and email.

For more information about the BEACON project email: Projects Officer

The Blind Citizens WA BEACON Project is a National Disability Insurance Scheme – Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) funded project started in October 2020 and finishes on 30 June 2022. From mid-2020, the ILC Program has transitioned from the NDIA to the Department of Social Services (DSS). For more information about the ILC Program, please visit the DSS ILC webpage.

The Blind Citizens WA providers peer support and services to our members in WA

An Australia Post Our Neighbourhood Community Grant supported Blind Citizens WA to extend our peer support network to people who are blind or vision impaired living in Mandurah in 2016 and 2017.
The Blind Citizens WA 2017 Mandurah project has now closed

Releasing our Capacity – National Disability Insurance Agency Disability

Support Organisation Project.

In late 2014, People With disabilities WA were successful in receiving funding from the National Disability Insurance Agency to act as a Disability Support Organisation (non provider). PWdWA is currently working with people with disability to support 20 local support (peer support) groups to make the most of the opportunities presented by the NDIS and engage effectively with the scheme.

Blind Citizens WA is one of the local peer support and peer run groups.